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Power of the Light - Vet Trials Guild Looking For Players

<Power of the Light> is a new vet trials guild dedicated to running some of the hardest PvE content in the game. We will be working on HM Craglorn trials, as well as progressing through vMoL and vHoF. The only real requirement is that you be consistently available on Monday and/or Wednesday nights (try to be there 75%+ of the time). Runs will start as early as 7pm EST or as late as 8pm EST, the exact timing is yet to be decided on. If you can make those times, great. If you can't, really I have nothing to offer you.

The basic requirements for DPS are 30k self-buffed (without cheesing your penetration), that you have completed all the Craglorn trials on vet at least a couple of times. Hopefully you're a natural learner and pick up things quickly and can follow directions in trial. For tanks and healers, I need to know you've done the content, also completing vDSA is a big plus, and have the appropriate sets.

If you are interested but feel overwhelmed by the requirements and need assistance in building your character up, I've helped many people and am willing to help anyone who is interested and capable enough to learn. Especially if you can make the time slot. Contact me and I'll help you out.

You can leave a comment below if interested, but I respond quicker to messages over Xbox Live or through the BAND app.

GT: Alakaslam
Band: You can find me in the Elder Scrolls Online NA - Xb1 band.
Edited by Sylphex on September 24, 2017 4:11AM
    I'd be down, i have completed hel ra on vet the others I haven't got a chance to. I almost got through vet AA but DC'ed and got replaced. I've done all trials on normal besides DSA and know the mechanics and am a fast learner. My dps last I check was 25k on stam sorc and 27k on my stam blade but he's squishy AF. I could use some work but I'm off on Wednesdays and I normally get off at 830 EST on Monday. If I sound like someone you'd want shoot me an invite. My GT COSMiC HEIGHTS
  • Sylphex
    @TRAPPEDxNxEU4IA You might be able to fill the Wednesday team, in time. I'm glad to hear you're a fast learner with some experience. I can help you hit much higher with your stamblade, your stamsorc I may not have a use for lol. Find your way over to the band site and we can talk further:
    Edited by Sylphex on September 15, 2017 9:45AM
  • Sylphex
    Bump. No longer looking for healers.
  • Alakaslam
    Soul Shriven
    Bump. Looking for an off-tank for our core group.
  • outsiders123abc
    Ala, Invite me....if you all need DPS still.
    Edited by outsiders123abc on October 26, 2017 12:17PM
  • Banjo_Chief
    Soul Shriven
    Returning Veteran player with above average cognitive ability, looking for intelligent lifeforms. If you need players who aren't stupid, send me a message.
  • jackmacphee8
    I'll take an invite.
    GT: Timelost Exile
    Xbox - NA
    Warden - Stamina DPS
  • pac0_laub17_ESO
    PAK0 LA
  • xxxgetdeadxxx
    I'd be interested. I've completed all craglorn trials on vet. Fast learner and good listener.

    Stamblade - ard 20k dps. Need a few pieces to finish build.
    Stamsorc - haven't tested.
    Magsorc - haven't tested.

    GT : xxxget deadxxx
  • Suddwrath
    I would be interested in joining. All of my toons (healer, tank, dps) are vet trial ready.
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