Looking for Alliance War Guild (level 48 sorc)

im looking for an active semi social-actively social guild that specializes in Alliance Wars and or dungeon/trials. I also have an expansive skillset for crafting armor and weapons.
  • peoplecallmeleo
    What's you gt/ Alliance I have a guild that is pretty social. we are all Daggerfall Alliance. We do PvP/Dungeon/Trials/farming/crafting we do it all.
    DC - Redguard Templar Non-op
    DC - Breton MagDK Crafter
    DC - Khajit Gankblade PVP
    DC - Breton Templar Healer PvP
    DC - High Elf MagSorc DPS PVE
    DC - Khajit StamSorc PvP
    DC - Orc DragonKnight Tank PvE
    DC - Dark Elf MagBlade Non-op
    DC - High Elf MagWarden Non-op

    All DC All The Time
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