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*Updated* HOP is Recruiting Again! End Game Trials! 2 DPS needed!

Good Day,
I run a teaching training trials guild and we are recruiting at least 2 end game DPS and a tank (maybe 2?) that are ready for vMOL & vHOF. We have our skin for vMOL, and are trying to start progression for vHOF. Must be available M & W 8:45 PM EST.

We are also recruiting players that may not be ready for VMOL & VHOF, but are looking to do VHRC, VAA & VSO. We also have a vet training trials night on Thursdays at 8:45 PM EST.

We are a very active tight knit guild that is very helpful. We don't have any egos or belittling because I won't tolerate it - but some friendly banter is always welcome.

We have a guild house with all the crafting stations as well as practice skeletons and several master crafters.

We use the Line App (free messaging app) for all of our communication which is REQUIRED for anyone on the vet team. The other teams its optional, but recommended for grouping and build advice.

The last few times I recruited didn't go so well - I will try again and hopefully we can get some good people that will commit to the guild. We need people that need a home (so to speak) that like running with good people and having a good time.

Looking forward to whatever chaos this will bring!

Edited by pamichic on October 30, 2017 7:29PM
  • Hamiltonmath
    Responding here as well. Hamiltonmath. Healer and dps
  • pamichic
    Still recruiting - need tanks and DPS!

    Anyone? Anyone?
  • XxBradeyxX
    I have tank and dps GT: XxBradeyxX
  • pamichic
    I sent you an Xbox message. My GT is the same as my forum name
  • Saint314Louis1985
    im a trial ready magsorc dps (completed vAA, vHRC, havent run vSO in over a year but completed it too) and working on gearing up my templar healer and stam dk dps.

    would like an invite please

    GT - Saint 314 Louis

  • pamichic
    Invites sent :)

    Still possibly recruiting for some DPS - People that need training is fine. It may be for a second team...?

    Lets see how many stick with our core and then it will be determined.
  • Jess1ca
    I would like an invite please!
    I use Line app already
    Lvl 488

    My GT is bobafettjess
    Edited by Jess1ca on October 8, 2017 1:05PM
  • pamichic
    Hi @Jess1ca I sent you an Xbox Message.

    Hi to all,

    We are still recruiting at least 1 DPS for core. Must be Max CP, good attitude and have some trials experience. Must have completed Maelstrom and have reasonable DPS.

    We have 11 out of 12 and are doing a vMOL progression for the 3 on our team that need skins. We need to find that final piece.

    If this is you, send me a message on the Line App or on Xbox.

    Thank you!
  • pamichic
    Any MagDKs?

    Need some flexible DPS that can play multiple roles for when people have "life" happen and can't make trials night.

    Message directly on Line or XBL @ PaMiChiC :)
  • Dasovaruilos

    I'm looking for a vMoL and vHoF progression guild for a while now.

    I main a Templar Healer and have healed all Craglorn trials, including Hard Modes, multiple times, vDSA with several 30k+ scores) and healed vMoL getting the Twins down to 20% a few times too, until my old core group stopped after half of the team quit the game. Healed all 3 DLC dungeons for the skins too.

    I also have the following DPS, all trials ready (all Stormproof):

    StamDK (38.6k DPS Solo, 6 mill dummy) - Would be my preference for DPS and have completed vHRC HM and vSO HM. I am even practicing to chain in Maw with her with the help of a StamDK friedn that managed to do that successfully.

    MagPlar (Ranged - 36.5k DPS Solo, 3 mill dummy)

    MagBlade (32k DPS Solo, 3 mill dummy - no recorded parse yet, unfortunately, due to accidental deletion when cleaning up space)

    StamBlade (38.4k DPS Solo, 3 mill dummy - just practicing War Machine rotation without War Machine, so not representative)

    StamSorc (34.4k DPS Solo, 6 mill dummy, no Major Fracture)

    I have other DPSs leveled and Stormproof too (see my signature) that I could practice on if needed as well, though those are the ones I run more.

    If you guys are still looking for someone for core team or to fill in/second group let me know and I'll message you directly. Thanks!
    Edited by Dasovaruilos on October 26, 2017 12:43PM
  • pamichic
    @CalmFury send me a message on Xbox or on Line. I would be very interested to chat!
  • pamichic
    Still recruiting - looking for ranged characters!
  • jackmacphee8
    I'm interested - Stam Warden dps currently.
    GT: Timelost Exile
    Xbox - NA
    Warden - Stamina DPS
  • xxxgetdeadxxx
    As a member of this guild I highly recommend this to anyone looking to learn and/or become part of the core team. I joined and had never run a trial before, but I needed gear from the trials for my build. Not only did I learn the trials I got my gear, met some great people and got a ton of helpful information on builds. come join the fun!
  • Esolife00
    GT: DEATH 2489
    Cp 660: Pet Sorc, Stam Sorc, and Stam NB.
    2/3 storm proof title.
  • pamichic
    @Esolife00 Messaged on XBL. :smile:
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