Victorious Secret Vet Trials guild LF Tank

Victorious Secret is a Vet Trials guild looking primarily for a core team tank, but we will accept people of all roles. A little bit about our guild:

We've cleared VMaw hard mode, VHoF, and all the craglorn trials (including an 170K score in VSO).

We are looking to fill the core off tank role immediately. We expect you to have all the appropriate trial tanking sets (Ebon, Alkosh, Torugs Pact, etc.) We'd prefer you have some trials experience, but we're more than willing to teach. Expect to raid 3-4 times a week around the 8:30 est time frame.

Xbox live GT: Nerf NateS

Nerf Nate
Xbox NA
Small Scale PvP
Stamden (Grand Overlord)
Mag DK (Palatine)
Mag/Stamblade (Praetorian)
  • Hamiltonmath
    I have dps and healer with lots of vet trials experience. Just coming back from a break. Ove done all hardmodes except ive not done any hof. Hamiltonmath
  • XGCAlbatr0ss
    I have a fully decked out Argo dk tank, a 38k self buffed sorc and a 38k self buffed Stam dk. Have completed 4 of the 5 trials and have experience in vHoF up to the 3rd boss. Message me on Xbox if interested GT - XGC AlbaTr0ss
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