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Missing Bank items.


I haven't played the game in some time do to real life commitments but when I logged in a few days ago to look at my bank inventory I had zero items in there! The last time I played it was full!!! Please help :)
  • Yuls
    Do you have ESO+, and the missing items might be crafting stuff and have been moved to your crafting bag?
    Also, if you're on pc and using add-ons, try disabling all of them, they might be outdated and causing trouble if you haven't played for a while.
  • ACESsiggy
    Hey! I'm not sure if I was using eso plus but my bank items were wiped clean. I've always maintained the max 100/100 items since playing. How do I check this separate bag you are talking about?

    Sorry for the extreme delay responding.
  • ZOS_Bill
    Besides disabling add-ons, you should check the inventory on each of your characters in case you misplaced the items. You should also check your Guild logs to see if you deposited the items in your Guild bank by accident.
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  • idk
    When looking at your inventory, not bank, there will be an icon near the top that looks like a bag. It will be the second icon in the row of icons.
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