Can't "Revive Here"?

Soul Shriven
Whenever I die, I can't use the option to "Revive Here". I have plenty of Crystals and have an ability that allows me to revive for free 1 time per hour. Please help! Thank you!
  • ZOS_BillE
    Is this only happening in certain zones or on a specific character?

    The first thing to try is restarting the game and seeing if this allows you to revive. If not, you can try the following two commands to see if the revive option comes back.
    • Type /reloadui in the command line of the Chat Box
    • Use /camp to log out, then attempt logging back in
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  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    Does it say choose your revive location? Then you are in Cyrodiil and got killed by another player. If.your doing PvE stuff then you should be able to revive in place in that zone.

    The only.other restriction is group dungeon bosses but your not even given the choice you have to wait until a team mate resurrects you.

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