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Unification or Independence?

  • Qanubis
    The Imperial Empire as a common example in this thread, was indeed mostly successful.
    As many noted, unification is impossible with the bad blood in race relations. Too much racism and hate. That is more reason for unification, imo.

    However, the only way for that to ever work was how the Imperials did it, through force.
    If you can use force and conquer Tamriel, forcing everyones hand into cooperation, than unification is possible.

    I chose other because I think that unification through military means, for most of Tamriel is in the other category?

    I think the polls spirit is that the unification choice is voluntary unification, and I also think that a few outliers should be outside of said unified nation (e.g. Dunmer who refuse to not give up slaves can have a small, almost tribal (think U.S. Native Americans) territory for themselves such as Morrowind).
    Perhaps they can keep their current slaves, and children of those slaves as their "new stock", thus ending the slave trade and continued enslavement of any free peoples, while also allowing them to continue their way of life and prevent conflicts over the matter. That is an example of how to solve a problem with any 'non-unificationers', with the most difficult of them being the example.

    Thoughts, fellow TES Lore-heads?

    (note: I detest racism and slavery, and would personally vote to just force them all to ban slavery. However that is not diplomatic and will lead to resentment, mutiny, rebellion, etc.)

    (note: I play as a Dunmer or Nord 90% of the time since I started with TESIII on Xbox.)

    Always am available for private discussion with lore, the game, previous games, etc. so we don't flood the thread by going off-topic.
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  • Chaos2088
    Unification (Describe which Group/Race should rule in the comments)
    I know whats holds in store as everyone can read the lore on it....

    But if had a chance to rewrite it......HIGH ELFS!! duh.....

    Dirty humans and beast thank you :wink:
    @Chaos2088 PC EU Server | AD-PvP
  • ghastley
    The Emperor will always be the person most able to seize the throne, no matter his race. And since his mother determines his race, that can change from generation to generation. The Septim line contained Nords, Dunmer, Bretons, Imperials at least. A few Empresses in there, too, which would be the only times the succession followed race, as their children would also be of theirs.

    ESO has an Altmer queen in Auridon, a Breton king in Daggerfall, and a Nord king in - Mournhold?. They haven't got the memo yet. However, I note that Emeric's wife Maraya is a Redguard, so his kids will be, too. No idea if Jorunn has a wife, and Ayrenn gets to pass on her race anyway.

    The central location of Imperial City makes it a desirable capital for an Empire of the entire continent, so you could argue that whoever occupies the throne there becomes an Imperial by residence, but they'd be racially random, as the game doesn't support "mixed".

    Getting there is going to be mixed as well. The feudal (hierarchical) system of Emperor over lesser provincial Kings, over lesser kings of city-states will be appropriate in some places, and Great Houses will work in others. So I'm voting "other" because there won't be a single answer, even in the short term.
  • Yzalirk

    In a perfect world, unification would exist and everyone would coincide with each other. However, Tamriel is far from perfect just as the real world is. All of races share individual ideologies and philosophies that make unity nearly impossible. This will always cause conflict. Especially when certain beliefs are forced upon people. There will always be people on the opposition.

    Realistically, I think it would be better for the provinces to govern themselves. However, there are problems that can arise from that as all provinces do not seem to be race exclusive. For example, not all inhabitants of Skyrim are Nords. I might be missing the point but it is a tough question.
  • huschdeguddzje
    Unification (Describe which Group/Race should rule in the comments)
    Tiber septim for emperor
  • JobooAGS
    Unification (Describe which Group/Race should rule in the comments)
    If tamriel is to be ruled by anyone, it would have to be the imperials. Otherwise, let them all be independent, even making alliances and/or truces as they see fit
  • Ajaxandriel
    Let's free the Peoples of Tamriel !
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