What dye matches the gold color of dwemer constructs?

I'm looking for a gold to put as trim on my sorc that drives a dwemer spider, and yes, I bother to match my outfits to my mounts. xD Anyone know which dye I should concentrate on unlocking to try and match that? I'm expecting it will either be the brass from the Halls of Fabrication, or maybe the one from the dwemer motif achievement, but I'm not really close to completing either so if someone knows it would be very helpful in my planning. Thanks in advance!
  • Kram8ion
    Transluminal violet may work
    Kramm stam man kittyblade

  • paulsimonps
    The brass from Halls of Fabrication is amazing, and pretty much what you are looking for, you only need to do Normal to get the color so its not that hard to complete. However it is the hardest of the normal Trials and you still need to find a group with a leader that knows how to get you through, but the color is well worth it and so are the other rewards in there.
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