Conquerors of Morrowind PvE Guild Making ESO more fun

Soul Shriven
We are the Conquerors of Morrowind! The slayers of realms. Protectors of our ways, homes and our brother. Come warriors, adventurers, assassins, and mages! Come destroy and reign with the Conquerors of Morrowind.

We are a primarily a new guild who's aim is to make playing ESO more enjoyable for everyone through various activities.
As of now we have activities planned such as raffles, public events and games.
While we have no dues. We would love to get donations. With donations we are able to make the guild a better place for all members.

Want to join Conquerors of Morrowind? Just send MC Master178 a message on Xbox or in game and I will be sure to get you in asap.
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