Looking for Active PvE Guild

Soul Shriven
I'm looking for an active guild with a fairly substantial amount of members who like to play the game, have fun and meet new people. I'd consider myself a pretty active player and will usually be on almost daily either in the mornings between 5&7am and then 6 till whenever in the evening; I am in the eastern US. So if you're looking for new members, hit me up here or add my GT: GipsyDangerMK34. Looking forward to the adventures ahead!
    Hey there! The Terminus Dominion is a 220+ member guild with peak activity around 6 eastern. We have an event every night of the week, trials coaching on Saturday nights and raffles. We have a guild hall with crafting stations, banker and merchant, and a target dummy. If that sounds good to you, let me know here or on Xbox live and I will get you an invite!

    GT : TD Strika 7
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