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Oi! Any fun guild got a slot?

I'm looking for, yeah anyone... That can turn my sour pc experience into the great feeling this mmo has got with a great guild to enjoy it with!
if you want dedication, i got it! If you want a long haired skooma brain to just do some devastatingly high quality roleplaying with as we clear zone by zone, sign me up!
You play only pvp and want me to follow crown? I love it, its awsome to have a great team to actually play with when you can run faster than the horse you spammed carry capacity on....

So as you can see, im wide open for anything you seek and im active, batshit crazy and i always spam one ability and sometimes miss to aim the target but if you put me on the spot; I will tell you i will do better, but with a twist!... I actually will do better!
So anyway..

If you're pvp, pve even a damn bot with a good chunk of humour, just hit me up and lets get down to it!

Oh and what more? I actually know ALL tactics (well not your guilds special ones, ofcourse but the "Core" of it and cleared all except morrowind)... All i need really is better gear to be able to pull my weight into any vet raids from how my gear and things are for now..
im player from ps4 coming to pc alas the low cp..
Magplar, magsorc and magdk (working on stam classes)
i'm used to heal aswell as do mag dps in trials and other harder content, i will never tank again so i guess that's why my chances are slim to find anyone here...
But hey, pull that destro staff outa your melon honey and hit me up...

Cheers and have a sweet weekend!

- Yes, i am not this weird in real life i just felt like theese stiff forums needed a shift in direction, its to much gifs and nerfing and with that said. Ofcourse i will not second guess this post being FULL with "HERE BEFORE IT's CLOSED" or the wonderfull "gif2.gif.gif" or why not the -" You maybe want to try this on the roleplaying section"

Serious note though, im not salty i freaking love each and everyonel of you, especially you who read all of this, you guy( s ) are beasts!
- If it don't fit don't force it -
Swedish drummer
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