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Looking for a guild that actually does Trials.

Been looking for far too long for a guild that actually plays trials.
  • Rahotu
    get thee to craglorn there's a trials guild advertising hourly usually
  • ViolentBPI
    I'm in crag and no one is recruiting it seems
  • SoLooney
    roles, cp, experience?
  • phidonk526
    @ViolentBPI Wretched Legion is still recruiting for more trial members. We are looking to bolster our core vet trial group. As pointed out above what roles, cp, and experience do you have? We have no problem teaching new members mechanics and such just need a base line.
    CP 160 Magic DK
    CP 160 Magic Templar
    CP 160 Magic NB
    CP 160 Stam Templar
    CP 160 Stam NB
    CP 160 Stam Sorc

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