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New Social Guild

So I made a guild some time ago and didn't really do much with it because of the lack of help from other players. I personally don't want it to be a everyone has to follow the guild leader type guild> I want this guild to be the type where the members decide what is going on in the guild.
the guild is called "Unrivaled Mercenaries".
So far there are about 8 players in there that are on a good amount and hang in guild chat. I'm looking into adding more players that are interested in:
Social Chat
Skyshard Farm
Lorebook farm
Materials Farm
Set Farming
Dungeon Races

and Trials eventually if we can get a few more good people who are willing to work as a team
We do a good amount of other things as well but those are just some of the stuff we've been doing lately. As far as dungeon racing goes its pretty simple we divide the participants into 2 even numbered groups and both go into different instances of the same dungeon on the same difficulty level and see who can clear it first
A lot of the times we just end up chilling in guild chat Socializing and talking *** to each other.. you know how it is.
Anyways Lmk if anyone is interested in joining this little group all levels are welcome even new players are welcome, in my opinion new players are a pretty good investment since you can teach them to play the way your team plays and they learn how to work well with the group which makes for easier later game content since they are already used to the group
DC - Redguard Templar Non-op
DC - Breton MagDK Crafter
DC - Khajit Gankblade PVP
DC - Breton Templar Healer PvP
DC - High Elf MagSorc DPS PVE
DC - Khajit StamSorc PvP
DC - Orc DragonKnight Tank PvE
DC - Dark Elf MagBlade Non-op
DC - High Elf MagWarden Non-op

All DC All The Time
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