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The Sebacean Sect

Soul Shriven
The Sebacean Sect NA Guild
I just recently started this guild in hopes of gathering a large collective of various players to sort of function like an LFG group with a chat channel. That's the short term goal. In the long term I'd like to have dedicated dungeon/trials teams, dedicated PvP, etc. Obviously there will be officers delegated to those particular groups when membership levels allow.

We're a semi-casual guild of mature players. The whole point is cooperation here.

Guild House
Well, not yet but you could help make that a reality!

Guild Bank
Members in good standing may make deposits to and withdrawals from the guild bank when it becomes available.

Bottom line is, we're mostly a social guild but down the road, assuming there is enough interest, a dedicated Dungeon/Trials team(s) and other such features may be implemented.

Also, the website is a work in progress. But you can go there and apply for the guild I know that most people are just adding via thread comments on these forum posts but I'd like to start things off properly. I'd like to make this guild one of the premier ESO guilds on XBox. Officer positions are merit based.

If you have any other questions you can contact me via the website.
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