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End Game Progression Guild -Making Eggs- Recruiting

Soul Shriven


Making Eggs is a new progression guild, as we start forming a roster we will sort out what days we run and who will get to run. We ask for your patience as we may not be able to get a full roster instantly. We will be progressing Vet Maw and then going straight into Vet Halls once we believe our team is ready.

•we expect 630 CP and knowledge of mechanics for most Hard modes.

• For DPS, we expect at least 35k with the current patch across the board for all classes. If you are below this mark but believe you can hit it we will try to help you reach that mark.

• For DPS tests, we give elemental drain, worm, and balls, and we allow ultimate. You may send me clips @Ascesis UN4GVN on Xbox but know that we will also test you ourselves

• For Tanks, you should have every major tanking set including ebon, alkosh, and plague doctor. Other sets like green pact, tavas, dragon, and war machine are also good to have.

We will be running 3 Pm Pst what days we raid will be sorted based on when everyone is available.

Please reply here with any questions or send a message to Ascesis UN4GVN on Xbox.
  • Ascesis
    Soul Shriven
  • OurRun_DMC
    My gt is OurRun DMC.. i am play a max cp magplar dps who averages around 30k.. I'm a bit off but I'm willing to learn if you's bring me along.
  • Shad0wfire99

    XBox NA
  • Ammogirl1119
    Are you looking for healers? If so, what are requirements?
  • urbvninfluence
    Soul Shriven
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