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Safe Space Social Guild now recruiting active members! PvP/PvE and New Player friendly.

Looking to have fun, play casually, and enjoy your time with people? Have a good sense of humor? Join us at Safe Space! Only play once a week? Great, we will see you then. Are you more active? Awesome, we hope to see you in guild chat. Play at night? Awesome, we have other players that do too. Early morning player? Great! We have members who play at all times of the day. There is generally at least one person online to talk to at all times!

We're a social guild for all players on the XBOX NA server. We welcome all, from the new casual players to the experienced players! Looking to run pledges, or go on skyshard/lorebook hunts, or even grind out that new character in the catacombs? Just join our guild chat and plenty of our members will help you in any way possible. We run normal trials 2 days a week, (generally 2 per run depending on time and interest) ,and try to have one PvP based event per week! Guild interaction is highly encouraged! Come join in on the fun, as we enjoy the all aspects of the game. From the grind to just talking crap to one another. We are active people! We like to joke around and have fun.

We use a phone/PC app called DISCORD to help coordinate events and activities throughout the guild, or just to socialize with one another outside of the game. Message JadePhoenix711#6196 for an invite to the server.

We do have a few guidelines to follow:

1) Remember at the end of the day this is a video game. Most of us have a real life outside of the game. We want to play to have fun. Don't ruin other peoples game time.
2) We like to joke around but please refrain from insults on a personal level. We have new players that we enjoy teaching the game to and want to encourage them to play.
3) 18+ age members. This is mandatory.
4) Have fun!
5) If you are new to the game please don't be afraid to ask questions, as we have several seasoned members who are always willing to lend a hand. If you are an experienced player please offer your advice and opinions to those who are new and in need of help.

I encourage you to come check us out! All events are put together by fellow guild members. If you are interested in joining us, please message gamertag JadePhoenix 711for an invite on Xbox, or in game. Or simply leave a comment below with your GT and invites will be sent as soon as possible, (usually within 24-48 hours). Thank you for your time, and I hope to see you in game soon!
Edited by JadedGreenQueen on October 20, 2017 3:19PM
  • Laughedgoose675
    Still recruiting, so come on and join our very active and supporting family.
  • FourMadMike
    Are you the same guild as the other Safe Space guild?
    If so, I requested an invite. Sounds like a fun guild to be a part of.
    gt: FourMadMike
  • ag1763
    Soul Shriven
    Sounds like this could be fun, would love an invite.

    GT AG1763
  • Laughedgoose675
    Are you the same guild as the other Safe Space guild?
    If so, I requested an invite. Sounds like a fun guild to be a part of.
    gt: FourMadMike

    Same guild, invite was sent. If not we will get another one out to you today.
  • molson93
    Soul Shriven
    I'll take an invite, gt- molson93
    Edited by molson93 on July 8, 2017 3:26AM
  • JadedGreenQueen
    Invites sent. Welcome new members!
  • AberrantP3ngu1n
    Soul Shriven
    gt AberrantP3ngu1n
  • RekItRick
    Soul Shriven
    gt RekItRick
  • vamperry99
    Sounds like a great guild. I'd like an invite. My gt is vampirerin
    I'm new to discord but it is #8388
  • delclay23
    Gt: delclay23 invite please
    [email protected]
    Soul Shriven
    GT and Discord: OneEyedRyuujin

    I'd like to join. Tryna get better at PvP.
    The Covenant's Walking Catastrophe

    GT: OneEyedRyuujin
  • Cruxios200214
    Soul Shriven
    Would love to join.

    Gt : Cruxios
    Edited by Cruxios200214 on July 30, 2017 3:30PM
  • Omanhallen
    Soul Shriven
    GT: Omanhallen
  • AtraisMachina
    I have tons of social anxiety and I dont like talking to people. But I cant do this whole MMO by myself! I need a safe space where no one will make fun of me :'(
  • EvilTwin126
    Soul Shriven
    I'd take an invite. I'm an old PS4 player that just "re-bought" the game last week so I'm starting from scratch.

    Gamertag: Kreepsake
  • quijibo5632
    Soul Shriven
    I am an older player and your guild sounds like a good match. I just started replaying a few weeks ago after a hiatus. I am at about CP: 120. I would like a guild invite.

    gt: quijibo5632

    Thank you in advance.
  • Wykyd_Pryncess
    Soul Shriven
    As a grown up player, this sounds like just the place for me! Please invite me: WereTheMillers4
  • mrbobthebaker
    Soul Shriven
    Can I get an invite? Kinda new player that has limited time to play.

    GT and discord: mrbobthebaker
  • Xariz
    Recently switched from pc and have been trying to find a guild that I could find that sense of community with to help enjoy the game with. Hope this is it!

    GT is Thepwndocksaint
  • Dreamer702
    Is this Jaded from Dirty Daggers? if so I'll take an invite eVo Krazy
  • JadedGreenQueen
    Still looking for more active players!
  • FourMadMike
    Can I get an inv please? I accidentally removed myself from the guild.
    GT: FourMadMike
  • SaintXIX
    Soul Shriven
    I am interested in joining.

    GT- Saint XIX
  • JadedGreenQueen
    Still looking for new members!
  • ChrisCachej
    Craastopher420 add me please !
  • JadedGreenQueen
    Craastopher420 add me please !

    I tried to invite you. It says "Account not found".
  • Deadwillpower
    Craastopher420 I'll get someone to send you an invite shortly.
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