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Crafting Station "Style" Order?

Okay, I definitely don't have OCD (although I do have a couple of tendencies), but....this is killing my OCD. Or maybe just that "this doesn't make sense" anger like trying to figure out a puzzle or something. And this is definitely part question, part rant, but:

But, does anyone know if there's some order to the in-station Style list that makes any sense?
It's always the same, so there's technically some order, even if it's just an order ZOS made up because the obvious styles make too much sense.

They aren't in alphabetical order by style name.
They aren't in alphabetical order by material.
They aren't in order of release (as Morag Tong got shoved between Skinchanger and Ra Gada).

I've noticed some grouping, but it feels...inconsistent.
The alliance style materials are grouped together.
The 9 basic races are grouped together in the front (but for some reason about 20 materials seperate the Imperial motif from them).
The exotic/rare style are *almost* together, as for some reason Order of the Hour cuts into the group.
Event materials are NOT together.
Same-DLC motifs are NOT together.
Shared-release motifs are NOT together.

Within the a couple of groups, there seems to be a race/alliance order. For example:
The alliance styles are grouped as Daggerfall Covenant, Ebonheart Pact, then Aldmeri Dominion
The basic racial styles are Breton, Redguard, Orc, Dark Elf, Nord, Argonian, High Elf, Wood Elf, and Khajiit. (So, the DC races, then EP, then AD. And the two "normal" races followed by the "beast" races, So, these all probably follow the order in the character creation).

Is the order something obscure, like the first "created" style? (As in, there was an in-game set crafted in the Dark Brotherhood style before one in the Malacath style or something?)

It's just super annoying because I'm seeing touches of order and sense, but then overall randomness.
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