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[UTE] United Trading Enterprises [Alliance]

United Trading Enterpises

Who are we?
United Trading Enterprises [UTE] is a trading association of trade guilds for which a coalition is more important than competition. UTE, formerly known as "United Trading" (since early 2015) was a pure information network, which actively shared information. In the course of time, however, we have developed considerably, namely to United Trading Enterprises, a large network of guilds who want to work together in the Tamriel trade world.

The Rawl'kha trading center in Reaper's March established itself long before the intrepid cities emerged and before Belkarth developed into the veterans trading center, which it is today. Rawl'kha is still the main starting point for many veteran players looking for high-quality set items, expensive furnishings, craft styles, other materials and surpasses the intrepid cities with ease.

Rawl'kha is the heart of United Trading Enterprises and the veteran merchants there. Prior disputes, changes in the guilds leadership, and mutual overrunning made the merchants prices skyrocket and became resource-consuming cracks, which eventually became tired. This resulted in a cease-fire in the beginning and a loyal friendship between the guilds and an alliance, which in the end of 2015 also got it's name and belonged to the "side" guilds of the Rawl'kha alliance. In the meantime, this has become a network which continues to grow through friendships and contacts and has opened up further trade guilds.

► Our main goals
  • Social and respectful treatment
  • Safety
  • Backing
  • Information about bank robbery, roundmailing and other misbehaviour of players
  • Ensuring the bidding
  • Communication and Tips
  • While of course we continue a friendly sales rivalry.

► Politics
  • We do not interfere in the wars of other trade guilds that do not belong to our alliance - we agree to neutrality
    We have agreements about peaceful coexistence with various other trade guilds and alliances
    Political decisions, as well as the inclusion of new guilds takes place by majority vote (>75%)
    We meet every two weeks on TeamSpeak.

► At the moment 11 trading guilds with guild trader are in our alliance:
  • Brave Cat Trade
  • Bund der freien Händler
  • Inevitable
  • Inevitable II
  • Galactic Trade Market
  • Just Traders
  • Rächer-Handelskontor
  • Tamrebay
  • Tamriel Stock Exchange
  • Tamrilando
  • Tamrizon

► Contact
If you would like to know more about us, our alliance or want to join our guilds, please contact:
We will adapt this post again over the course of time, this thread is also to serve as advertising for the individual guilds of the federation.
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  • Zolexi
    The following posts will help you to get a brief insight into the various guilds and how to contact them.

    Brave Cat Trade
    Contact: @Zolexi
    Language: English
    Forum contributions:

    Brave Cat Trade is a social guild with an emphasis on community, trading and group events. This is an amazing community full of wonderful individuals whom are always looking to help each other out. We are looking to fill our ranks with some fresh fur! We hold a solid position with Azarati in Wayrest for excellent trading, we also offer a host of social events such as Lottery with prizes upto 1.8 million! nTrials & vTrials.
    Min 20k sales per week OR 1k Donation

    Bund der freien Händler
    Contact: @Frange73
    Language: German
    Forum contributions:
    Website / Forum:
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  • Zolexi

    Galactic Trade Market
    Contact: @Silvia0708
    Language: English

    Contact: @Vlakipn
    Language: English
    Location: Rawlkha / Eldenroot

    Inevitable II
    Contact: @Vlakipn
    Language: English
    Location: Windhelm

    Just Traders
    Contact: @Vlakipn
    Language: English

    Contact: @Lissy3001, @V3ndoras
    Language: German

    Forum contributions:

    You are looking for a German-speaking trade guild with a good profit? Then you are right with us. Rächer-Handelskontor recruits more hard-working traders. Our market in Eldenroot is just waiting to sell your goods. Ts available. If you are interested w / me (for special characters please add to the FL)

    Contact: @SandraR
    Language: German

    "Tamrebay" - not just a trade guild! We are looking for new active members. Open to all factions and levels, 480+ members. Visit our guild trader in Orsinium! Whisper me or write a message & come to us!
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  • Zolexi
    Tamriel Stock Exchange
    Contact: @Zolexi
    Language: English
    Forum contribution:
    Website / Forum:

    The Tamriel Stock Exchange (490+) is a top-selling veteran trading guru whose chat is largely calm. Thanks to our permanent placement in Rawl'Kha, we are able to guarantee you a stable and safe sales for high quality veteran items. TS available. No membership fees, offlinekick from 10 days, make sales or alternatively donate to us however obligatory. Prerequisites: You must have at least one Veteran-Char.

    Tamrizon, Tamrilando
    Contact: @Shissu, @Shokaja
    Language: German, English
    Forum contributions: Something
    Website / Forum:
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  • LuluKreicer
    Aetherius Community - Community Leader
    Wanna join? Just ask.

    - World First Sanctum Ophidia Difficult Mode (1.5.8)
    - Russian First Maw of Lorkhaj Difficult Mode
  • Shadow-Fighter
    Thank you Verbi <3
    Natch Potes is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get
  • Arkadius
    I'll miss u, babe :cry::heart:
  • peniku8
    I gotta say, I perfectly understand your descision. There is way too much gold around, and it's also in the hands of the wrong people. The entire economy goes down the drain, taking healthy tradeguilds with it! Be it cheaters (botters) and goldsellers, but also the game itself, having no real gold sink, anything bugs us GMs.
    You will be missed but I wish the new GMs good luck, may they prove worthy continuing your work!
    Leader of the Akatosh Imperium, Guildmaster of

    Traders of the Ebonheart
    Pact Veteran Trade
    Pact Veteran Trade II

    Ambassador of the
    Knights of Akatosh

    PC EU
    Flawless Conqueror - Ophidian Overlord - Boethia's Scythe, I want an achievement for having 500k dps!
  • vlakipn
    Thanks for everything Verba, ill try my best to continue good work you've left behind.
  • chess1ukb16_ESO
    I agree. The current state of Trading is pretty dire on our server. Whatever ZoS say we know its got completely out of hand with the botters and gold sellers running rampant so I can completely understand your frustrations and decision.

    Take care and keep in touch!

    GM - Tamriel Traders Guild (TTG); Divine Deals; Allmart & The Alchemist Emporium
  • Zolexi
    It pained me so many times to see you so frustrated. You created some wonderful communities which I, and I know Vlakipn, Arkadius & Shissu will uphold to the best of our abilities. This game owes you a service, far more than you experienced in your closing days. Go on and I needn't say, be strong ;) You'll be sorely missed.
    "I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes"...
  • Shissuru
    For all interested parties:

    Bank robberies, bots, general information on trade, peaceful discussion about places etc ... Just entern...
    LEGACY OF HEAVEN - PvE, AvA, Sozial - Gilde
    Kontakt / Anfragen: @Simur, @Golem20, @Bello, @Alphazicke, @Shissu, @Shokaja

    und Gründungsgilde von
    Vollzählige Handelsgilden und Schwestergilden von Legacy of Heaven
    Kontakt / Anfragen: @Shokaja, @Shissu oder die einzelnen Spieler der Handelsgilden

    UNITED HEROES OF TAMRIEL - Gemeinsam Elder Scrolls Online bestreiten!
    Gemeinsame Platform aller LoH-Gilden und ihren Freunden; Events; Guides; ...

    United Trading Enterprises (UTE) - Handelsgildenverbund / -Allianz
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