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I'm looking for a new Guild to join

Gamertag is "Lu ProvokedLion".
Alliance Daggerfall Covenant If It matters.
I'm looking for a socially, not quiet Guild, where as a team, in groups we complete achievements in the journal one by one, without skipping any achievements. I'm an achievement chaser. I love making new friends.
  • TiberiousAldis
    I am recruiting for a pvp guild, that is growing. If you'd like to be a part of it we would love to have you. We pvp twice a week where all the guild members jump in and play. Other than that, there is a band of us that spend 8 hours a day exploring, dungeon diving, delving- you name it
    Tiberious Aldis
    Grand Master
    The Knights of Corinthia
    The Terminus Dominion is recruiting. We do it all, and have regular world boss, dark anchor and delve clearing nights! Message me on Xbox live or send a mail in-game if interested.
    GT: TD Strika 7
  • Clorroxx
    Soul Shriven
    Meatheadz just started. Bunch of newbies who play all the time and like to progress and do raids. Were always on and looking for more people to join in. Please have a since of humor because we joke and talk *** alot
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