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Cannot Purchase Morrowind

Soul Shriven
Been having this issue for a while now... The Elder Scrolls PC store will not allow me to buy Morrowind. From the store page, I click the "Morrowind Digital Upgrade", select "Buy Now", and the website loops me back to the main store page. This occurs with any purchase that I try to click on (Crowns, etc.). I've tried in Firefox, Chrome, and even the dreaded Microsoft Edge, and nothing works. I'd hoped that something would have been fixed with the sale that's going on, but I can't even take advantage of it, because the store will not work for me. Help?
  • Darlgon
    Soo many possibilities.. including the banner at the top saying ZoS was doing store maintenance today.

    Are you someone whose account is run by:

    Apparently ZoS does not know you own the base copy of the game to upgrade it. Does it allow you to upgrade on their systems?

    Are you logged into the right account? Are you logged in? The accounts page, including the buying the upgrade, is different than the forums login.
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