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Crafting after CP140?

I've got all crafting except clothing maxed out...but recently when making a set of heavy armor and some wood/metal weapons I had problems making things at 160cP level..had some stuff at 140...some at 160.

Was used to being able to make everything at the level I'd gotten looks like a struggle to do everything at 160.

How do I find out what I need?
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  • Taleof2Cities
    There are a couple things that I can think of off the top of my head:

    - Make sure you have enough sanded ruby ash/rubedite ingots to make a CP160 piece. You can verify by making sure the "have knowledge" and "have materials" are both checked in the crafting UI. CP160 takes in excess of 100 refined materials per armor piece or weapon ... in case you didn't know.

    - In the materials bar of the create menu (crafting table), you can toggle the level of the desired crafted piece by clicking the "+" and "-" keys up and down. Note that CP140 is a different materials tier ... CP140 uses voidstone ingots and sanded nightwood.

    Let us know if this sparks additional questions ... we're happy to help.

    Screenshots are also helpful if you have time to link them.

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  • erliesc
    If it takes at least 100 rubidite/ruby ash to make something...that would explain why I was blocked. So I guess I'd better be collecting...a lot....

    I probably started with 200 or so...

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  • dan958
    You need a lot more materiels at higher level crafting.

    For example, to make a level 150 medium chest armour, you need 15 rubedo leather, but for 160 you need 150 rubedo leather.
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  • Kali_Despoine
    to craft chest legs arms feet and belt I believe it takes 640 mats if I'm remembering it right.
    I think
    chest 150
    legs 140
    arms 120
    feet 120
    belt 110
    Head 120 not to sure could be more
    Shoulders 120
    I can't remember at all what each weapon is because I hardly ever craft them.
  • LadyDestiny
    Zos thought it was a really wonderful and intelligent idea to make cp 160 gear use ten times the amount of resources........therefore forcing us to waste more time grinding instead of doing things we enjoy. They also wanted to make sure that crafters do not make any money.
  • JKorr
    Chest 150
    legs 140
    All the other pieces are 130 each, boots, belt, hands, shoulders, helm

    Mats for weapons are also 100+
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