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Woodworker master writ question

I got a WW master writ to create "Ruby Ash Bow; Epic; Powered; Eyes of Mara; Trinimac". My character doesn't know Trinimac motif. My question is: do I need to learn Trinimac motif just for bows or do I need to get the whole motif book from Crown store for 5K? I am not going to get it for Crowns, but I'm not sure what other options I have.
  • Yakidafi
    Can get it just for bows.
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  • Reivax
    Don't spend Crowns for it, try a guild store, or you can run Wrothgar world boss or delve dailes to get a chance of Trinimac or Malcath patterns dropping from those bosses.
  • Taleof2Cities
    Reivax wrote: »
    Don't spend Crowns for it, try a guild store, or you can run Wrothgar world boss or delve dailes to get a chance of Trinimac or Malcath patterns dropping from those bosses.


    Taking a peek in the guild stores for the bow motif will certainly take less time than doing the Morkul Stronghold daily delve grind.

    But, it's a nice looking motif (especially the light robe) ... so, time allowing, you could do the daily delves on as many characters as you want.

    I did the dailies on eight (8) characters way back when Orsinium debuted. It took about three (3) weeks to get the full motif with some trading of motifs with other players.

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  • Tevalaur
    The dailies don't reward the motifs very frequently it seems in my more recent experience, but you only need the chapter for bows to complete that master writ. Of course, there will be others...
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  • phileunderx2
    Trinimac drops in the delve dailies. .malacath drops from the world bosses.
  • Astarana
    Thank you all for advice. Started doing both dailies in Wrothgar. Would not hurt to get both sets of motifs :). I have just one character so it will take some time, but I'm not in rush.
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  • Stopnaggin
    Check the traders, will be the fastest sure fire way to get it.
  • Didz
    I tend to do the round of Guild Traders hubs as part of my daily writ deliveries, so Craglorn, Greenshade, Alikr, Grahtwood, and faction start area, and I just have a favoured search that looks for any unknown motifs selling for a reasonable price. I usually pick up one or two every day.

    If I was looking for a specific one for a Master Writ I'd probably head over to the Tamriel Trade Centre website and do a global search to identify which guilds stores are stocking it and then head directly to the cheapest one. I just hate farming so I'm happy to pay for motif's if i need them.
  • Astarana
    Thank you for advice @Diz but I'm on Xbox NA, I doubt that TTC will do me any good. But I do try to look for motifs every time I am at the guild trader in any area.
  • mexicutioner915
    It would be very nice to be able to get that data on xbox, sadly it is not available anywhere to my knowledge
    ALWAYS BUY if you can. Sell what you get. If you try to do dailies for one item you will drive yourself NUTS!

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