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Need a Master Crafter!

So I play on Both Eu and NA Servers on ESO, Playstation 4.

What I am looking for is, since I am kind of new to the game haven't done much crafting as of yet, however I would like someone to provide the Training Trait on every piece of gear and weapon in the game so I can start researching it and getting on my way, might seem weird for someone to ask but I am willing to pay or provide materials with a small tip for someone going out there way. Ideally looking for both NA and EU on PS4. Let me know if you can help shall forward my PSN for it.

  • Xavium
    I should also add, Level 1 stuff is ideal, as it will all go to researching!
  • bloodthirstyvampire
    Trading is against forum rules
    Hello There, I'm banned from the forums permanently for baiting so i'll talk to you here, Zos want me to do a 400 word essey on baiting (I disagree with it to be fair, I was not baiting), honestly tho I've had a toooon of chances, so I can only blame my self.
  • Xavium
    Ah sorry , was just asking was all, didn't realise it was against the rules to ask
  • Didz
    Best to ask ingame, preferably in Guild Chat. I regularly provide Level 1 Trait items to other crafters for exactly the purpose you mention.
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