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End Games - Vet Trials Guild

[XB1 / NA] - End Games

About Us:
End Games is vet Trials guild, and we're looking to fill out a second raid team. Our main team has completed all Craglorn Trials and Hard Modes, most of our main team has completed vMoL, and we are currently doing progression on vHoF. We currently have too many raid-ready players to get everyone into our scheduled runs (Mon-Wed @ 9:00 PM Eastern), and would love to get a second team up and running so that all of our players can raid and so that we can accommodate those who can't run on our schedule. We also recently had a spot open up on our core team, so we'd like to fill that as well. We organize, strategize, and BS on Band.

What We're Looking For:
We are recruiting for all roles. Healers and Tanks should be geared up and ready to roll, but we can help farm the harder to get sets. DPS are required to complete a DPS test within a week of joining. The opening on our core team is for a DPS, preferably of the ranged Magicka variety.

DPS Test Procedure
Self-buffed, 3m target skeleton, someone will provide Ele Drain, Ultimates allowed. We take the average of 5 consecutive tests on target skeleton. There is no minimum DPS required to join.. We will stand in front of the target skeleton with you for hours and help practice. We are more interested in finding good people who really want to raid and are able to learn than we are finding people with 45k DPS. We are not elitists. We have target skeletons scattered all over our Guild Hall at Grand Topal Hideaway and plenty of people who will stand there and throw Ele Drain for hours at a time.

Respond here, shoot me a PM, or hit me on XBL (Gamertag: LiquidPony) for an invite.
Edited by LiquidPony on June 26, 2017 11:01PM
  • LiquidPony
    For reference, our current max DPS numbers on the core team are generally within the following ranges:

    Magblade: 38-40k
    Magsorc (no pet, no mines, inferno wall): 35-38k
    MagDK: 38-40k
    Magplar: 33-35k

    Stamblade: 40k+
    Edited by LiquidPony on June 29, 2017 3:28PM
  • LiquidPony
    Update on recruitment:

    We're now in the market for an off-tank and a DPS in our main group, currently working on vHoF progression.

    If you're interested, shoot me a message here or on XBL (gamertag: LiquidPony).
  • LiquidPony
    Further update:

    Off-tank role has been filled. Still looking for one more solid DPS to complete the core team.
  • Fignutz821
    I've beaten all trials on hard mode except vmol but I have beaten vmol! Hit me up same name as here
    CR 561+
    LV 50 Nord Dk tank/stam DPS (stormproof)
    LV 50 High Elf Sorc DPS (flawless)
    LV 50 Argonian Templar Helaer (yes its a lizard, SMH)
    LV 50 Breton NB magicka DPS (stormproof)
    LV 50 Imperial Stamplar (Jabicus)
    LV 50 khajit Stamblade (Panthrro from the thunder cats)
    LV 50 Redguard stamsorc (stormproof/AD spy)
    LV 50 Dark Elf Magic DK (stormproof/ DC spy)

    All characters are NA EP xbox1 (I bleed red)
  • LiquidPony
    Fignutz821 wrote: »
    I've beaten all trials on hard mode except vmol but I have beaten vmol! Hit me up same name as here

    Invite sent last night! Thanks!
  • LiquidPony
    Annnnd another update:

    We're back in the market for an off-tank.

    Still have a DPS opening as well.
  • OurRun_DMC
    My gt is OurRun DMC
    Main a magplar dps - average in the 30k area, I could use some instruction cuz I know I'm capable of this
    Completed all craglorn trials and hardmodes(except hel ra) & no Maw completions on vet at all
  • Croblasta
    GT is fingerblasta and I'm a magsorc dps looking for a progression guild to learn vet content. I'm 540 CP and currently hit 28k on DPS test. I would love to continue to practice on the dummy and get my dps above 30k!
    Edited by Croblasta on July 19, 2017 3:20PM
  • ViolentBPI
    Stam NB with CP 350 and 30k dps looking to join the fun and actually play the end game.
  • Father_X_Zombie
    Gt: AK x Zombie cp 630

    My main is a mag sorc and could do about 23k self buffed dps before morrowind (haven't tried since) I also have a magplar in standard trial gear (wc sp) that I would be interested in using

    Im not on eso every day but I could get on if needed

    I have only done AA and HRC before they were scaled so Im pretty much a trial noob lol
    GT: AK x Zombie

    Marcurio Avidius - Breton Sorcerer - The Flawless Conquerer - General
    Raven Avidius - Imperial Nightblade - Stormproof
    Cicero Avidius - Imperial Templar - First Sergeant
    Audens Avidius - Breton Templar - Stormproof
    Jimi Hendrix - Redguard Dragonknight - Stormproof
    Leliana Artaine - Breton Nightblade - Stormproof
    Brutus Decinus - Imperial Sorcerer - Stormproof AD
    Wait aren't you DC - Dark elf Nightblade EP
    Achilleus Infernium - Breton Dragonknight
    Claudia Aurella - Imperial Warden
    DC NA XB1

    RIP XB1 NA Chillrend 2015-2017
    Home to emp farmers and roleplayers
    Put out of its misery by Brian Wheeler

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