DC CP 300 Templar Looking for Trading/PvP/PvE/Social Guilds

A little bit about myself:
I have been playing ESO on and off ever since the PC closed beta, so I've been around for quite a while despite having taken several breaks from the game lol
Switched from PC to Xbox after I sold my gaming rig
24 y/o college graduate, so I would prefer to be in mature guilds
My main is currently a DC CP 300 Breton Magplar (my heals will blow you away). I also have a DC CP 300 Breton Lightning Sorcerer, and a DC level 15 Stamina Nightblade Redguard (eventually will become a Steel Cyclone dungeon grinder)

I am currently looking for a:
Trading guild (preferably in Wayrest)
PvP Guild (preferably taking/protecting keeps and scrolls)
PvE Guild (dungeons and trials)
Social Guild

Let me know if you have any availabilities in your guilds! :)
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