Official Discussion Thread for "Introducing the Dwarven Crown Crate Season"

  • Enodoc
    Beardimus wrote: »
    How often do seasons change? Really don't care for the dwarven stuff.
    Seasonally :stuck_out_tongue:

    (As in, every three months.)
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  • TheRiversEdge
    I absolutely love how the Magenta Rainbow hairstyle looks on khajiits, but I wish there was a variation of it that's just a solid color like other hairstyles. The streaks really don't look great... If it weren't for the streaks, I'd totally use it.
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    Nice thread necro...... This post is almost 3 months old.....
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    Rakkiza Mane-Sister: Level 7 Khajiit nightblade DC (in progress)
    Vavakra Telvanni: Level 36 Dunmer Warden AD (in progress) (race subject to change)
  • GaunterODim
    Crates are still available, so why not?
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