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Launcher re downloads the patch during downloading

I swear I'm not being crazy. I'm downloading the Morrowind patch and am pretty certain I just saw it say "6002 MB remaining" and a few moments after that it said "6160 MB remaining"!
This has been happening since I started patching last night. I'm aware the Morrowind patch is 8 GB, but so far I've downloaded 19 GB T_T I'm certain it's not catching up on previous patches (the percent doesn't move but it keeps downloading and downloading without the "remaining" changing much).
I have no idea how to search my problem in google as I can't even find words for it :( Can anyone please help?
  • Syralynn
    Soul Shriven
    Is it possible, that it is "applying" the patch, and no longer "downloading"?
  • Snowflakey
    No no, I'm sure it's not that :( the download size left suddenly increases and it starts downloading what it Should have just downloaded a few minutes ago.
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