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Harness style chests?

Why aren't there more harness styles in game that you can craft? Speaking as someone who likes to flaunt their male toons pixelated flesh, there seems to be a distinct lack of this style chest (that I know of, anyway). Obviously there is the light and medium chest in the Minotaur style (pic of the light Minotaur chest below). And if there are others, what are they? Where do you get them?
I'm sure everybody knows He-Mans outfit. Wouldn't it be great to strut round town, looking all proper heroic like that? Come on ZOS, give us a PROPER Barbarian style.....I'm sure loads of male toons would thank you for it. I know I would.Screenshot_20170526_130921%20-%20Copy.png.html]Screenshot_20170526_130921%20-%20Copy.png[/URL]
  • davey1107
    1. I'm not sure that a fur bikini was the most wise clothing choice He-Man might have made in a world with swordplay.

    2. Your toon should not be out between 10 am and 4 pm at all, let alone with exposed skin. UV is a killer.

    3. Minotaur, Mazzatun and some Draugr are the most harness-y options. You can see most any armor style at
  • Wreuntzylla
    Mazzatun has no harness but shows most of the torso. It's Sparatan looking armor.
  • bodge2372
    The Mazzatun style looks pretty good. But then saw what the Dro m'Athra looks like, so I'm having to get that first for my Khajiit......
  • Gan Xing
    Gan Xing
    Mazzatun isn't really Spartan... more like Aztec jaguar warrior
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  • Waffennacht
    I think he looks cool
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