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What is Morrowind?

If it's not a DLC, what is it suppose to be?
If it just new content coming, why sell another game?
What is the point of pre-order?'s all still confusing.
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Best Answer

  • Grashek
    Well, when comparing this game to other MMOs such as World of Warcraft we can see that ESO / Zenimax has extended its reach to console as well. In order to increase the player base they made the decision to change their business model from subscription based to pay to play. To still generate enough revenue they decided to bring out (once a year) those big content chapters (WoW does so as well with Legion or Burning Crusade). And I think its a good idea. Its very attractive for the console players. And will allow this game to keep going for a much longer period of time.
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  • SydneyGrey
    It's an expansion, but they made up the name "chapter" for some silly reason and are calling it that. It's roughly the same size and scope of their other expansion that was called Orsinium, but confusingly enough, they decided to label that one a "DLC" instead of an expansion (or chapter).

    Yes, it's confusing. LOL. :p They seem to be allergic to the word "expansion." Not sure why.

    Pre-order gets you a few extra items for the game, so if you're planning on getting it anyway, then it's a good idea to make it a pre-order so you don't miss out.
  • Gilvoth
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