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'Closing the Octal Cage' (BOOK LORE)

So while I was wandering the Imperial City, I wandered into one of the workshops and found a rather interesting book:

A mechanism that has the power to banish all Daedra from Tamerial seems, I don't know, vaguely important. For the life of me, I don't see anywhere on the internet that seems to be discussing this. This seems like it could be quite the important device to exist, especially if in an upcoming game, the high elves decide to try to banish all Daedra from this plane to stop their influence.
This Octcal Cage, if my understanding is right, strikes me as a rather important creation. I'm looking for some feed back on it, any thoughts? I know this is the fiction and role playing section, but we don't really have a lore section on the forum, and I feel like the role players of this game would probably know the lore the best.

If anyone wants to be vocal about the lack of a Lore section In the forum:
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  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    Odd, I remember reading that book in the Aldmeri Dominion territories. *digs* The UESP wiki says it's in the Chancel of Divine Entreaty in Malabal Tor. If we assume it's correct about being heard in Elden Root, could we also assume that the next ruin in the cage is, if not necessarily there then a similar distance away?

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  • Wolf_Manish
    Yes... perhaps the exact same set of notes were left behind by the author while in search of it
    After all, the location mentioned is also an Ayleid ruin, and all of the Octal Cage ruins are Ayeid
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  • Eporem
    In the Ayleid ruin where we are able to craft Magnus Gift there is this structure with an altar underneath, representing maybe the eight tined arch?


    ps..I have not come across this book and find it interesting:) and wonder if there are eight identical ruins if their location lines on a map would create an image.

    pss. just adding a list of the Ayleid ruins in eso
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  • Wolf_Manish
    Yep! I found it really interesting too, almost like a hidden quest. Maybe other people have seen something..?
  • Eporem
    Here is another of the same arch with an altar underneath in Enduum.

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