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High Vitality! Top-flight trials guild is looking for experienced players!

High Vitality runs weekly trials 3 to 5 times per week! We require skill and dedication...our core team runs every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday! We have complete all vet trials and we have completed vSO and vAA on hardmode! Our next progression will be hardmode vHRC and the vMOL.

What we require: trials experience is a plus but every player needs a firm understanding of mechanics...rotations...gear...and why certain roles are needed for group composition.
For DPS roles our current requirement is 30k minimum and we are setting our sights on a 33k minimum very soon.
For support roles you must have BiS gear and have experience healing or tanking endgame content we will typical do a support test by running them through vDSA or Cradle or Ruins hardmode.

The main thing we need is committed players...we don't need flakes! If you meet the criteria and want to join a great group or guys and get plugged into a guild that is already beating the hardest endgame content.....please message either EmAn484 or Savage Audacity!
  • Eman484
    We are probably beginning our vMoL progression this week!
  • Sheva I 7 I
    Sheva I 7 I
    Shoot me an inv, I dps parse at 36-37k with my sorc (no pet), got a tank with bis gear just need trials experience (tanked hm azzatun/cradle/vdsa/ normal vaa), looking for a serious guild to improve with.

  • MrFish024
    Inv gt is same as here.
  • Eman484
    MrFish024....invite coming today
  • Eman484
    We completed vHRC hardmode last night...we have now completed all hardmode trials except vMOL which is next on our radar!
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