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Activity Finder is still Broken? How is this possible?

Soul Shriven
So, beyond what we already know about the activity finder being broken, I have discovered a new bug or problem that has just started in the last couple weeks.

When I que for the activity finder now, I either get ported to the dungeon and then the whole group get ported out, with the removing from dungeon timer.. Mind you this is before the group has even started the dungeon.
The activity finder now will get a group formed and then not port anyone to the dungeon.

What is really going on here Zenimax? Seriously, this had been an issue for years now. Maybe you should call other successful developers of MMO's and ask how they worked it out. The one in mind has had this figured out and while there is still it always small issues, it is not creating BS environment for the part of player base that wants to run dungeons.

It wouldn't be nearly as bad if your customer service didn't share a common backbone and give a response beyond some generic BS.

If anyone out there feels the same or is having a similar issue please post to this thread and maybe the cowards at Zenimax might face their player base and give a good reason as to why a 3-year old game still has broken fundamental features in it.
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