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Heavy Attacks and Giving Players a Choice

Ok... Looking at Morrowind as it is, seems that heavy attacks may be the new meta. Or maybe heavy attack weaving could be a way to do it, but if that is the case, we seriously need to change how heavy attacks work. Plainly put, heavy attacking is not fun, running out of resources constantly is not fun, but trying to manage resources is actually kinda fun as it adds another element. But if you want a "fast paced" combat game, heavy attacking is not the way to go. We need buffs to recovery skills, repentance needs to be changed back to what it was, or something reminicent of that. Battle Roar also need to be tweaked. Now, the heavy attack builds actually can do more damage than the builds who use more abilities, AND they don't run out of resources. What I see here, is trying to make the game more like Skyrim, and that is not good at all. I love ESO becuase it takes place in the universe of Skyrim, but it isn't Skyrim. I love ESO becuase of all the neat abilities, not because I can heavy attack.

Here is my suggestion to the issues we face:

I would suggest a buff to Light and Medium related recovery passives, as that will encourage more usage of light and medium armor. Instead in Morrowind they where nerfed. Now, if we did make a buff to the passive that reduces abilty cost and increases recovery per item equipted, this might make players use all light armor or all medium armor, instead of 1/1/5 becuase of the undaunted passive. This would give players a choice; more max resources (and more damage), or better recovery. This sounds like one of the best ideas so far as it will help ALL classes and not just one class and their sustain.

I encourage people to share this around!

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