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clearing obsolete data

The tool tip, when highlighting for example a weapon stored in my bank, gives me detailed info on what characters can research this item. Unfortunatley it's is a long list containing characters deleted ages ago.
I have tried deleted all my add ons associated with character info such as Mobile Bank extended, AI research grid, Research assistant. It didn't help. I cannot get rid of this useless info.
Anyone know what I can do to eliminated old character info for long departed characters?
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  • Stovahkiin
    No idea why info would still be there unless some files from the addon(s) were still playing peekaboo in your ESO files. If you use an addon manager then it should take care of adding and removing them I believe; but either way, I'd suggest looking around in your files, starting in your Documents, and see if there is anything that you missed.

    If all else fails, I did find one person who said that when having issues such as this, deleting the ESO folder in your Documents (not your main eso game files of course) could help. After deleting it, the game should re-download "fresh" ones in the launcher.

    *Warning: I am not a certified professional; following my directions may lead to confusion, loss of files, and even death. If you or a loved one experience any of these issues, please call the Stovah hotline for guidance*
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  • Drammanoth
    I can confirm that deleting the .lua file helps. It is in SavedVariables folder. From there, remove the "AIResearchGrid.lua" - either by deleting completely OR moving it somewhere else - and start the game.

    And yes, I know this can be considered necro-posting, but by now we have necromancers <3
  • ZOS_BillE
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