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Looking for Dominion PvP Guild

Soul Shriven
I'm a long time MMO player, moderately experienced in ESO. I had originally been playing on PC for a while but took a break for about a year and am now playing on XB1. I never really explored PvP and Cyrodil and really want to get into it. I'm looking for a mature-ish guild that is active in PvP that won't mind showing me the ropes. I'll be honest I'm the kind of person that hates being bad at things, if I'm going to PvP I want to absolutely dominate even if it takes me a while to get there..

Other things:
- Just short of CP 200
- Stamblade
- Can do PvE things, I have a moderately geared magplar
- Altaholic
- I don't like RP
- Trader and store aren't necessary.
- I'm a "casual" I play after work for a few hours and try to get as much time in as I can on weekends
- I'm in a weird timezone (Hawaii - GMT -10)

GT: Xentradi
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