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Cigar bar warriors looking for fun loving adventures.

Soul Shriven
Cigar bar Warriors Xbox pve is recruiting for a new and different type of guild. We are mature gamers looking for older gamers to enjoy eso with at a slower pace. We are striving to learn the dungeons in normal mode without rushing in pursuit of the best gear or hardest mode. Community is the by word for this initially pve questing, dungeon, delve diving, oriented guild. If your looking for a laid back group to drink a beer or have a smoke with in the evening this might be the place for you.

We do ask a couple of small things of our members
1) don't be offended by old farts making bad jokes.
2) do hang out in our voice chat if possible to get groups.(arthritic hands can't type well)
3) be willing to help build the community by spreading your knowledge around.
4) when in a guild dungeon of any level be in voice for that group.
5) as a small active group we are usually running between 3pm and midnight eastern.

That's it. Yeah I know no dues or other stuff. Don't worry we don't plan on buying a trader or anything. Though we will have a in guild trader that we hope you will price your items reasonably on to help each other progress. Currently we have groups running normal dungeons for undaunted gear and fun, just experiencing the content. Veteran dungeons are probably in our future once we feel comfortable. If your enjoying the dungeons but want to slow down and experiance them more we would like you to join us.

We are currently open to all alliances for pve dungeon questing and leveling play. For invite drop smokincart or goodolcigar a line in game or respond below.

Best wish to everyone in this wonderful game.
Edited by Smokincart on March 30, 2017 6:05PM
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