[DC] the Golden Oath

Soul Shriven
This Daggerfall Covenant guild started out as a group of friends who wanted to explore Tamriel with one another, but has blossomed into a welcoming and uprising group of players who share the same interests in Elder Scrolls games and Elder Scrolls Online activities. The guild is led by experienced MMO players who know how to do a range of activities as a group from PvE to PvP, as well as role playing. At the moment, we do not have a main focus since the guild is just now rising from the ashes and welcoming other players into our community.

In detail, we (will) offer a variety of things to do in groups or solo.
From trading to dueling, as one of the most versatile guilds in the Daggerfall Covenant, we have it all.
  • [PvE] Group dungeons.
  • [PvP] 1v1 and 3v3 guild dueling.
    We will have some training days where we duel for fun. Alt characters are welcome to participate.
    1v1: Do I need to explain? Can also do best two out of three. 3v3: Two teams of three. Two of the same team must win their duel to win the match.
  • [PvP] World dueling event.
    We explore and duel others that are not in our guild, either for fun or for gold. Alt characters are welcome to participate.

Golden Oath has six different ranks that all have increasing authority.
Each rank has a different role in the community, which is explained from lowest rank to highest rank.
  • Jester: Members who have caused a problem within the guild. Penalty rank.
  • Commoner: Commoners are new members who still have much to learn about Elder Scrolls Online.
    A Commoner, along with Veterans, can invite members, deposit and withdraw items from the guild bank, and sell in the guild store.
    If you're familiar with other Elder Scrolls games and not ESO, you do not qualify for the Veteran rank.
  • Veteran: These players are skilled in nearly everything ESO. They are expected to help players with any questions answered to their best ability.
    A Veteran, along with Commoners, can invite members, deposit and withdraw items from the guild bank, and sell in the guild store.
  • Officer: Trusted players who are expected to monitor the guild members and report any issues to a Knight or the Queen. This is the highest rank achievable at the moment.
    An Officer can can invite members, demote members who cause issues to Jester and setting their note as Peasant so that everyone can see they are in trouble, remove members if agreed upon by a Knight or the Queen, claim and release alliance resources, deposit and withdraw items from the guild bank, and sell in the guild store.
  • Knight: As stated previously, Golden Oath started as a group of friends. These players are connected to each other and the Queen in real life. They have the same permissions as the Queen and should be treated as guild leaders.
  • Queen: Guildmaster and creator. Rules alongside the Knights and has no kind of absolute power.
All members will start at Commoner or Veteran unless decided otherwise upon your acceptance. Officer is to be earned by active members, unrelated to game skill. We have these specific ranks and expectations to keep an organized community and give everyone in the guild the best experience they can possibly get from what we have.

highhabits: Queen of the Golden Oath
ThaHolyToast: Knight of the Golden Oath
  1. Reply to this thread with your gamertag and list the name(s) of your character(s) you will be playing most in our guild. This will help us understand who is who in-game and on the forums to keep things smooth and organized.
  2. Send an in game message to any one of the guild leaders listed above. As far as what you should say in the message, please include the following:
    • Subject of the message should be labeled Golden Oath Initiate.
    • How did you find Golden Oath?
    • How long you've been playing Elder Scrolls Online. (Feel free to add if you played any other Elder Scrolls games.)
    • What is your group role(s)? (Tank, Healer, DPS.)
  3. Wait for a response. Normally I will respond within 24 hours, but please allow up to 72 hours for a response. Due to the ranking system and co-leader(s) experience, each message is ran by the second-in-commands before being responded to.
These steps are required to join Golden Oath to prove that you can follow simple directions. The ability to follow instruction is crucial in group activities so that everything goes smoothly and everyone can stay organized. You do not have to be extremely detailed with your in-game message, as I understand not everyone has a controller chatpad to make typing easy. We appreciate the effort to join Golden Oath and we hope you understand the reasoning as to why we are requiring a few simple tasks from our joiners. This is a one time thing and will not be required again.
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XB1 NA Queen of the Golden Oath ❤ What is life's greatest illusion? Innocence, my brother.
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