Land Pirates need trials ready DPS!

The most active end game guild in ESO is looking for trials ready dps..preferably magic based ranged dps. We have a great core group and you will be joining a group that guarantees completion of any vet trial and begin a maw progression...message eman484
  • Eman484
    If you want guaranteed completion of the weekly trials multiple times per week...please message for an invite
  • Wolfsfuhrer
    v530 mag sorc. My dps needs work as I'm missing some key set items. I'm very active and willing to learn as well. Let me know if you're open. Also, what time do you normally run?
  • AtraisMachina
    Whats the highest AA score you guys put up?
  • Eman484
    We have beat hardmode
  • theejaydawg
    Soul Shriven
    Invite thee jay dawg
  • montiferus
    I'd be down but can only run 2 night a week. Do you need any backup DPS?
  • Grave
    I'll join gt: Graveward
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