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Old Man Meta: 400+ Member Trading Guild in Mournhold

(XBOX ONE/NA) Old Man Meta is Recruiting!

Old Man Meta is a trading guild of 400+ members on the Xbox One NA server. We have held a trader in Mournhold for over a year now! Dues are 10k per week for this prime location. Old Man Meta is much more than just a trading guild. We are a very social guild, hosting several events throughout the week. We have officers running Vet and Normal trials, PVP and PVE events, and best of all we are in constant communication using the BAND app to organize everything. Oh! and the contests! We have multiple contests every week (raffles, silent auctions, and even giveaways that cost you nothing!).

Our members are active throughout all NA timezones and are always looking for people to group up with to do daily pledges or to locating those pesky Lorebooks. A mic is not required, but would certainly make things easier. Guild voice chat usually has a number of people in it who can help to answer questions. So whether you are a veteran player, new to the game or someone who has just returned Old Man Meta wants you! We have no age requirement, but we do try to maintain a family friendly environment.

If Old Man Meta sounds like the place for you or you have any questions you can message me at my GT: Cr33pn D3a7h
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  • SkiiBird
    Send me an invite! GT: SkiiBird
    "You won't kill me because you're afraid of what you'll become! I won't kill you because I'd lose the only human capable of keeping up with me! Isn't it Ironic?!?!?" - The Joker.
  • Cr33pnD3a7h
    Invite sent! Welcome!
  • XxMissAlycexX
    Hi there am I able to please get an invite? My GT is XxMissAlycexX
    XxMissAlycexX - Xbox One - NA
  • Cr33pnD3a7h
    Still trading in Mournhold. Up to 450 members. Spots are filling fast. Get in quick!

    p.s. XxMissAlycexX sending invite asap.
  • Dreamer702
    GT: eVo Krazy can I get and invite plz
  • felterbel
    Soul Shriven
    Will you please, invite me to this guild?

    Dirt Diver 1996
  • Cr33pnD3a7h
    Up to 470 now! Dirt Diver 1996 and eVo Krazy your invites are on the way!
  • Raddy67
    Can i have an invite please
    GT: Rad1rew
  • Spartan756
    Soul Shriven
    Please, Can you invite me?

    GT: xSpear Spartan
  • Cr33pnD3a7h
    I'll get you guys invites asap!
  • felterbel
    Soul Shriven
    I will just say this...I have been on a few guilds now, and I have never had such ease selling my mats.

    This guild is great.
    Edited by felterbel on April 4, 2017 2:57PM
  • Cr33pnD3a7h
    We made it to 500 last week, but we had quite a few inactives. So we made more room. Shoot me your gamer tag if you want an invite.
  • fatbill666
    Soul Shriven
    I'll join up if you still have room, gt Fat Bill 666
  • Wolfsfuhrer
    Please invite: Gamertag - Wolfsfuhrer
  • Spinalrabbit
    Soul Shriven
    GT: Spinalrabbit1
  • Arkangeloski
    Gt. Arkangeloski
  • Ulfhethnar
    Soul Shriven
    GT Einherjar7446
  • skruggz
    Soul Shriven
    GT is Scruggasaurus all crafting skills 50
  • Cr33pnD3a7h
    Invites sent! We culled some more inactives so there's room for more! We are currently still trading in Mournhold. Shoot me a message on xbox messenger with your GT and ill get you an invite.
  • silverdragonams
    Soul Shriven
    GT: SilverDragonams if you have room please. Thanks!
  • PoisonedPastries
    I have so much stuff to sell I'd love to be part of this guild! Thanks!

    GT LoudLemons
  • sarahrockshard
    Soul Shriven
    GT sarahrockshard

    CP 460+ Master Crafter (9 trait and most motifs) Need to move some inventory through Mournhold $$$

  • Elderblade530
    ***, I want an invite lol. GT- Elderblade530
  • Cr33pnD3a7h
    All invites have been sent or are being sent. Welcome to OMM! Check out our Guild Hall by going to the Guild Leader's primary residence. We have lots of attuned crafting stations.
  • slumy
    send an invite to slumy
  • TheColdDante
    Soul Shriven
    Veteran from PS4, getting my sea legs on xbox

    GT: TheColdDante
  • VelociousLegend
    I'll take an invite if there's room. Thanks!

    GT: VelociousLegend
    Xbox - NA
    GT: VelociousLegend
    PC - NA

    "All gave some. Some gave all."
  • Gruntz_II
    GT: gruntz ii

    Would appreciate an invite if there's still room. Thanks!
  • DevinVering
    Would like an invite too CP: 240. Level 50 StamDK, Stamblade, level 40 Magsorc. GT: EL1T3 LOGIC.
    DevinVering has been a fan of the Elder Scrolls series since Oblivion. He has been playing Elder Scrolls Online since he got his Xbox One in 2015. He plans to upgrade to PC sometime in the future, but might buy the Scorpio when it comes out.
    Level 50 StamDK Redguard Warrior
    Level 50 StamNB Dunmer Vampire
    Level 50 MagSorc High Elf
  • Abelcher339b14_ESO
    I'd like a guild invite. I pay dues and actively keep store stocked.

    GT: Perdidit
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