[NA/X1] *DC/EP/AD* The North Wall ~ Mature/Casual ~ Solo/Group Friendly ~ (PvP/PvE) [Guild House]

The North Wall
This guild is focused on many aspects of the game, well... All of the actually. I am looking to spread the Guild throughout all the factions with a person in charge of running each faction. That will come much later though. The focus right now is growing the guild itself. If you are a solo player, that is fine. There are uses such as finding crafters and what not or even help with questions you might have which is why being in a guild itself is useful, even if you are a solo player. If you are more of a group type of person, that is also fine. Use guild chat to find groups and players as much as you want. DC/AD/EP are all welcome.

The Main Focus
Not much to be said here, but the main focus itself is to grow the guild, then we will go from there. PvP and PvE will be included with that.

What do I mean by "mature"?
This doesn't mean you cannot have fun and joke around. It simply means no harassment to other players, and no racism or any of that. I am not putting an age limit on who can join. We are all enjoying the same game.


I am planning on scheduling events later down the line with a few people I pick as leaders in a sense. This will include Dungeons, Trials, and PvP nights! PvE can be a pain trying to queue for dungeons or find groups... The guild will make that much easier with the chat by asking or participating in these events!


If this guild does grow more, we will get into trading. ;)

Guild House
Yes, there is a guild house currently! I will probably end up enlarging it to the max size soon, depending on the growth.

Additional Information
There will be an Xbox club as well as a twitter to keep everyone up to date. I will post that in the guild information on the game itself once that happens.

*** Leave your gamertag below for an invite ***Currently have 54 members but most are inactive so I will be clearing that out
SupaSane - PC / NA
Canthion - Bosmer Stamina Nightblade [DC]
Saviör - Orc Stamina Dragonknight [DC]
So-No-Head - Argonian Magicka Templar [DC]
Lord Savioro - Nord Stamina Necromancer [DC]

"So do all who live to see such times but that is not for them to decide, All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you." -Gandalf
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