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Need an EP PvP guild? Then the Blackstone Legion is the right guild for you!

Soul Shriven
Hello, the Blackstone Legion is a semi hardcore PvP guild for the ebonheart pact.
Our guild offers the following:

• Coordinated, organized PvP with experienced leadership: both traditional and sewer/IC farming runs.
• Casual/slow-paced group questing, Skyshard/Lorebook/Dolmens/Bosses collection runs, and power leveling groups as needed.
• Experienced MMO players to run dungeons with
• Crafting assistance, build advice, tanking/healing/Dps advice and PvP/PvE tips/guidance from experienced players.
• A fun but mature community. The core members of this guild are very friendly and outgoing. We expect our members to also share a good natured and helpful attitude toward each other. Don't bring drama here; we are here to enjoy the game.
• We play A LOT and are always available to help when needed. We want to be one of the top guilds on Xbox and are working hard to get there.
• Guild Tabard, Guild Store, Hired Trader (as available), and Guild Bank will all be available to you.
• Organization and community development through use of Discord or Xbox clubs (free downloadable phone app or accessible via traditional website); provides access to guild event calendar and discussions to help you get the help you need, ask and answer questions, meet your guild mates, and link up with them to tackle content.
If you would like to join feel free to contact MudcrabOP. Hope to see you on the battlefield
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