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The oldest, continuously running Xbox One North American Social Guild is once again RECRUITING!

  • Dreadnaus
    GT: Dreadnaus
  • stpolaris
    I'm interested, my tag is Mooreforce8739.
  • ShiftedTurtle
    Sounds promising id like to join your guild
    Trying to make a sorc now, wouldn't mind some good tips on how to make a good one

    GT: ShiftedTurtle
  • shalalaA7X
    @ShiftedTurtle @stpolaris Guild invites have been sent out.
  • astrobat87
    Soul Shriven
    Sounds like a guild I'd like to join. If you you'll have me of course. GT: astrobat87
  • shalalaA7X
    @astrobat87 guild invite sent. Come join us in gc1 sometime.
  • brooklynbougie
    Soul Shriven
    brooklynbougie - I would love an invite! :smile:
  • shadykat
    Soul Shriven

    Been running solo for a while and decided to check out what group content is like with consistent players who will stick through the learning curve when running a dungeon and such. You peeps sound like a great guild to start with. Would like an invite when you have an open slot.


    GT: Shadykat69
  • Wolfsfuhrer
    I've been playing this game for a year now. I'm CP490ish and need help finishing out gear for my sets. Other guilds I've been part of have had guild leaders who request the rare drops in trials and dungeons leaving only the gear they don't want/need for their current character or alts for the rest of us. I'm looking for more mature players who are willing to help. I could also use help increasing my dps too. I've really struggled to hit minimum dps requirements to run vet trials. Is that something you can help with? In return, I'm willing to help my guild too.

    Also, I'm in the Pacific time zone. Do you have other PST members?

    If so, please invite me. My gamertag is Wolfsfuhrer
  • shalalaA7X
    @Wolfsfuhrer we do have some pacific coast members who would enjoy having more company. We have many knowledgeable people who are willing to help. Guild invite sent. Also sent guild invite to @shadykat and @brooklynbougie. Come join us in gc1 sometime and check out our band page we are looking forward to hearing from you.
  • MichRX7
    Thanks @shalalaA7X for picking up the slack while I was out of town. I'm looking forward to meeting all the new members in guild chat 1 and on!
  • MichRX7
    Welcome to the new members who just joined! Looking forward to hopefully adding more in the near future (once the game is back up after being patched that is...)
  • XGCDrgnWarrior
    Soul Shriven
    my gamertag is XGCDrgnWarrior
  • MichRX7
    Hello @XGCDrgnWarrior! I have tried multiple times to send you a guild invite, but it can't find you. Are you playing in the North American server? If so, is this your Xbox ganger tag and am I missing a space or other character in your name?
  • A1s1h1e
    Soul Shriven
    I am new to ESO and would like to join your guild. My gamertag is A1s1h1e.
  • MichRX7
    @XGCDrgnWarrior your invite has been sent!
  • Atrophical
    Soul Shriven
    I'm interested in your Guild. I've played ESO on the PC for quite some time but left it for 6+ Months. lol as we know, real life comes first.
    I'd like to know more about the Guild and the people within it. I do know the game to a certain extent but would love to know more and be more immersed in it.

    GT is the same as here, Atrophical.
    Currently Level 28 Templar (new class i'm learning to use/master)
  • MichRX7
    @A1s1h1e and @Atrophical your invites have been sent. Thank you for joining our guild!
  • johnnyxvii
    Soul Shriven
    Recently joined ESO. Leveling up my Imperial Templar and would like to join your guild.'

    Please send an invite to JohnnyJSe7en.

  • zForgottenAngel
    I'm not new or anything. In fact, I've been playing since beta on pc but I'd love an invite. It's hard to find laid back guilds these days.
    GT: zForgottenAngel
    Xbox Live GT: zForgottenAngel.
    Elder Scrolls Online Rank (in AD): VR6, 14, VR10, 32, 6, 11, 20
    Elder Scrolls Online Rank (in EP): 6
    Guild: *Wolf Children* - 43 members!
    Message me on XBL, ESO, or the ESO forums for an invite to our fast growing Werewolf Trading guild!
  • brettrocker
    Soul Shriven
    ROADSYDEH00KER if there's still room
  • brettrocker
    Soul Shriven
    hookerbsb level 49 vamp
  • GrahamReaper80
    Hi, I use to play a lot but took a year off. Looking to learn about all the updates and get back into the game. Would love an invite

    GT: OutlawSaintX
  • incomplete_name
    I'd like to join. 37 year old gamer. 330cp magsorc. Gt: incomplete name
  • Tryfon
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, I would like to join. I'm knew to the game play orc pvp tank lvl29. I'm 24 years old interested to meet good people and have a great time. My nik: Tryfon
  • Imperatoris
    Please invite me. Jeb the Vestige
  • gkspcg_ESO
    Recenty returned to game. CP 209. Looking for an invite:

    GT: Gargoyle1965
  • Xboxdaveb14_ESO
    Good morning all.

    I am a long time vet of eso since I played since day one on pc. I started a new life in the realm of ESO I am currently playing as a dark elf nightshade. I am currently level 21 looking for a good group of people to hang out with.

    I will be switching over to the warden.

    GT silenthunter707
  • Zekea1234
    Could I please join you guys, I would love to be in a social clan seeing how all I want to do is be social is eso and play with a group as much as possible. So if you could please inv me! GT: zekea1234
  • Quynn
    Soul Shriven
    interested, please invite :)

    GT: piiikachuuu
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