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NA server is down...

Under the strain of too many players in combo with homestead nonsense. This is getting too much.
  • parkham
    PC here. Sorry you all. I logged in 20 minutes ago and said "seems to be running smooth". Jinxed.
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  • partzs
    Seriously this goes down more then a hot chick on fifth avenue!

    Why can they not get it through there heads that they need to fix the underlying issues before releasing new stuff. Otherwise this happens!

    Corporate greed! Money over a working product!
  • TrinityDivine
    I want my ESO fix. :neutral:
  • Deedleqwerty
    I'm wondering why I keep ESO plus. I play this game to relax, but lately it's been nothing but frustration. I'm not convinced that adding back the CP on Monday is going to do anything positive. Seems the game is completely broken.

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  • ClintoniusMaximus
    Soul Shriven
    Well, atleast I got to train my mount
  • akl77
    Just what I expected, as frozen, lag, crashes has been occurring more frequently 2 days ago.
    Last week the same, 3 maintenance in one day. Just before the scheduled maintenance there's gonna be an unscheduled broken fix maintenance.
    ZOS, just admit it, you need maintenance twice a week.
    Edited by akl77 on March 5, 2017 5:44PM
    PS4 pro NA
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