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Vampire NB Destruct Staff - build advice

Soul Shriven
So, I've recently returned to ESO and made a new NB character. I'm wanting to try out a destruction staff build with the vampire skill-line as well. When I played before, I had just reached level 50 on my old character, who was a destruction staff NB as well. For whatever reason, starting at the beginning and leveling with vampire appeals to me rather than simply picking up that skill-line on my other character. I know it's a weird build but I really want to give it a shot.

I had issues figuring out what skills to use before, as well as where my stats should go- so I wanted to try and get a better picture of what this should look like as I level. Right now I'm using siphoning abilities- funnel health; and staff abilities elemental blockade, force pulse; and as vampire is level one I'm also using drain essence. I am thinking I will go destruction staff on my second bar, when I get it, so I can use alternate skills.

What other skills should I be looking to pick up? Any suggestions on where my stats should go- health/magicka? Planning on doing 5 light armor 2 heavy- is this the way to go? When I can I'm looking at vampire for my ultimate, in the meantime am going to slot either soul shred (siphoning) or soul strike (soul magic)- is this advisable?

I'd definitely appreciate any help you can offer- still somewhat of a "newbie" so any guidance would be great!

Best Answer

  • Jhayde
    Soul Shriven
    Awesome, thanks for the guide link! Looks like it addresses many of my questions.
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