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PC to Console Transfer LFGroup/Guild

Soul Shriven

Intro: I am a 46 year old father of two and longtime gamer. With kids now grown and on their own I have increased game time and have recently returned to ESO but have chosen to try out the console version this time around. My play times are fairly widespread, but I tend to play primarily between 5PM and 10PM Pacific Time on weekdays and pretty much anytime on weekends depending on life.

What I am looking for:

I have tried out a couple of guilds found both on this forum as well as by chance in game. This is not meant to be disparaging to them, but so far the fit has just not been what I am ultimately looking for. I am looking for:

1. I am looking for A group of similar minded mature adults for group activities within ESO. Ideally I would like to have 12 to 20 people to form our own guild with, but initially I’m just hoping for a handful of friends to casually enjoy the game with. I would prefer older more mature adults age 30+. Not to say younger players are bad, and as far as game skills go they more often than not better. I just want to be able to better relate to this group of players in general.

2. I would prefer people comfortable with using the in game guild/group voice chat as text chat is quite cumbersome on the console, but totally understand if you are just dead set against using a headset on the Xbox, but keep in mind sometimes when you are running around gathering materials or fishing it is nice to have someone to chat with. :)

What I am not looking for:

1. I am not looking to form guild and grow it into a large entity or trade guild. With multiple guild membership options we can experience such things outside of this group.

2. I am not looking for hard core gaming – event scheduling – raid organization – specific character levels or minimum levels.

Simply put I am just looking for any age 30+ laid back casual person who enjoys this game but finds they spend more time playing a multiplayer game solo than not and who would like to have a pool of friendly people to call on for groups or general shenanigans or to in turn be called upon. A small group of people to share knowledge and experiences with within ESO
If this peaks your interest, you fit the bill as described above and you want to discuss more or take this step with me, respond here or you can reach me via Xbox game tag – wikidigit.
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