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Swapping @ names of two accounts

Soul Shriven
Hello! I have some questions about changing ESO usernames (not forum names). I wanted to swap the names of my main character and an alt account, since people were sending mail to the wrong account and just getting confused in general. So I renamed both accounts (stupid, I know; I should have only changed one) and have since been trying desperately to edit my @ name on both characters and continuously receive the error message that the username is unavailable. How long does it take for these account names to be freed for use again? Surely they're not permanently taken... though that would explain why so many account names that I tried in the past were unavailable.

Please help me out! I've already lost 3 nirncrux that a guildie mailed me to make his research weapons, and I'm afraid that this name change will continue to cause problems. Let me know how long to expect it to take for previously used names to become available for use; if it's permanent can Customer Service manually change them for me please?

My main was Arael.Lily. I changed it to Astaraelle temporarily (I thought), and want it to be Arael.Lanie. I'm on the PC server.
My alt was Arael.Lanie. She's currently Lastarael and I want her to end up as Arael.Lily.

Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you!
  • ZOS_CoriJ
    Usernames should be freed up after changing the name. This should not have a cool-down period.
    If you're still having issues we would suggest contacting customer support for this issue using SUPPORT at the top of the page. Provide both emails for each account and the details for what you expect the IDs to be and what you would like them to be.
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