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Bolt Escape / Streak Doesn't Teleport Character

This has been posted a few times in the PVP forums: https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/320887/homestead-bolt-escape-bug-explained-video

I'm PC NA. This happens more often like this above video shows, i.e. through doors and openings at bridges and mile gates, usually when it is more congested, but sometimes when there isn't a lot of other players around. I play in azura's which usually has lower pops and a lot less latency and lag. I have however had it happen to me open world, not going "through" anything.

The way it works as I've experienced it is you activate streak and you get a partial animation of the lightning coming out of your butt, but your character doesn't move. It is very similar to being rooted in place by an invisible encase. However you can't dodge roll, cc break, attack, you can't do anything. In my experience I feel like I am not taking damage while this is occurring either, kind of like I'm invincible, perhaps I'm just not getting attacked though. The final thing I think I have noticed is that since I use streak the people that normally would get stunned by my streak still do, I just don't move.
Tertiary Meat
  • Sounomi
    This has been happening to me a lot in PvE as well. I haven't noticed any pattern as to when it does it and just seems to randomly fail to work.
  • maboleth
    Yes. +1
    At first I thought this was due to lag, but it was not. Latency can be just 60-80 and I can still experience delay in bolt escape (Ball lightning morph).

    But guys, don't worry. ZOS probably won't even read this, let alone acknowledge it. I really plan to ditch these bug reports entirely.
  • Micah123
    Yo Dog, I heard your Bolt Escape doesn't work anymore.....You expect us to fix it? HAHAHA
    Tertiary Meat
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