How Broken is ESO?

So, let me first say I think that fundamentally, ESO is a great noted by the amount of hours I have played it, and by the fact I have not switched games recently. The devs have also picked up their game in terms of content with housing and Morrowind. PVP and PVE updates for all, plus new class. In addition, they seem to be listening more to their audience than ever, as evidenced by the players Zenimax brought to their studio for early Morrowind testing.

That said, this game is permanently broken in some fashion or another, and getting worse as time goes on. Factoring in the PVP and PVE lag, the DCs, the freezes, the gliches, and the bugs everywhere you turn, can anyone think of a game more consistently broken and frustrating? I am not the biggest gamer, so I may not have the experience others have. But after more than a year and half of this, and now 3 days in a row of not being able to log in at night, the question comes to mind.

Thoughts? Any game more permanently broken than ESO? What is the breaking point for you?
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