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[Serious][Help] Can't access my support account

Soul Shriven
Trying to request some info on failed transactions during the purchase of the eso plus membership: it failed 2 times in a row and the third went right, but I've been billed 3 times for 1 membership :)

Funds are going back within 30 days but I can speed up the process by requesting the customer support for the transactions IDs to give to my credit institute, only I cannot access my ESO support account.

I can log correctly onto my account (, but when I enter the support site ( my credentials are not taken in consideration and I am regarded as a guest.

I tried logging on in but my credentials are not accepted.
I tried with my forum credentials but they are not accepted.

I tried signing up from, wondering if the support sub site needs different credentials (which would be a good security measure considering that lastpass is throwing me a warning about the fields to be filled being insecure) but clicking "sign up" just send me to my already and correctly logged in account page at

I disabled any extensions/addons limiting scrips, blocking ads etc, and tried both on FF both on chrome.

Can any mod bump this to the customer care? Thank you :)

Edited by Nessuno on February 21, 2017 4:55PM
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