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Oceanic End Game Guild. Brotherhood Of Bogans is recruiting Experienced and New Players Now.


Australian - Oceanic - End Game Content
We are a bunch of Aussies many of us playing since launch with some of us in early Beta.
We are believed to be one of the most active Australian Guilds with well over 200 people and generally 30-50 people on during the nights.
As you know it’s hard to find groups at this time to run with, so why not join BoB?

We are currently preping to start VET Trials and plan to run Core Groups on Monday/Tuesday 8PM GMT +10 AEST with 1 group running every week with the aim of a 2nd group forming once numbers allow it.

We currently do Normal Trials Thursday night, opened to all guildies from 8PM GMT +10 (AEST)
We hold Bar-Fight Nights on Friday as guild events with prices to be won as a little PVP Contest!

We are always in the mood for pvp in sewers most of our members are AD but there is a few EP and DC players as well.
We regularly farm dungeons for sets and most of our members won’t shy away with helping new comes and old comers to the guild!

We are currently looking for Oceanic players mainly however if you find yourself on super late at night from the US looking for a friendly, helpful guild.
We have experienced players running all Trials as well as VDSA and VMA andare more than happy to help with builds and guides to help others succeed.

If you’re sick of finding guilds that stress about gear and demand DPS tests then we are for you, we will give everyone a chance in Vet Trials without the hoops to jump through no one needs that or wants that when playing a video game which we all enjoy to hop on and play.

If interested leave your PSN and ill get an invite to you asap. New player or experienced players we’d be glad to have you!
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  • Chew_bacca2310
    Soul Shriven
    Chew_bacca2310 I'm fairly new to the game but I'd be keen to join man :), always good to meet other Aussies on a game like this
  • Blairy087
    All good mate. Ill invite u when i get home if Bhaal5 doesnt beat me to it.
  • Blairy087
    Brotherhood of Bogans isnt Aus/NZ exclusive if your in the Oceanic region or a late night US player send me a msg and ill send u an invite in game.
  • Blairy087
    If you find yourself playing at a time most Oceanic/Aus/Kiwi players are active (GMT +10) then come join us.

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